CNAME & non www to www redirection

I’m trying to redirect to is hosted at Hubspot

The (i) read that the “The record is managed externaly. To make any changes please contact your provider”.

I have setup the proper rules, but on my browser I get the same hubspot error.

Hubspot claims the problem is with Cloudflare and Cloudlare suggests to proxy the CNAME but as you can see there is no such option currently on my account.

Any ideas or suggestions?

The rules

The page error

P.S. sorry for the spam but I couldn’t add 3 pics in the 1st post …

Hi @jgiox,

Please see:

Check the 2nd screenshot I have already done that

You appear to have done step 2 in the tutorial, but not step 1.

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WOW! it worked. Thx I thought that the domain provided by Huspost was sufficient.

Glad to hear you have got it sorted, it works on my end too :slight_smile:

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