CNAME no se propaga incluso desactivando el PROXY

He creado los CNAME de office365 sin pasar por proxy pero siguen sin propagarse. He probado en:
Y ninguno de los CNAME se propagan.
¿Qué puedo hacer?

Domain and records?

dominio es bike-ocasion com y los CNAME de office365

Which nameservers are assigned to your account there?


Just to be sure, these are the nameservers shown on the page?

Yes I check on: lookup icann and I see this nameservers.

Not ICANN, what does it say on the page?

Post a full page screenshot of the DNS page?

It’s probably CNAME flattening however.

No, your DNS page.

Is that

That’s still not the entire page. There’s a reason why I ask for the entire page. I don’t care about the bloody DNS records, I want to know which nameservers you have and what your flattening settings are.

Like this???

Absolutely. Have you just changed the flattening setting?

mmmm not me. I do not know if the last IT change something here. The other option is “Flatten all CNAME”.

In that case toggle it. Set it to “flatten everything”, wait ten minutes, and then set it back to “root”.