CNAME no longer working - newbie

Hello, I had been using a CNAME entry successfully for a period of time.

EZrentout requires I use a cname

Why isn’t getting redirected with CNAME?(see image)
I updated…waited 24 hours+…no luck. I deleted cnae, then reentered. STill no luck

Try clicking the :orange: to change it to :grey:.

What @sdayman said plus check your server’s SSL configuration

That is not secure

Yes…just temporary for now. The domaine name has SSL but not the IP

I made this change…makes is “DNS Only”… Will give it some time to propogate?

Actually…looking back at this from when it was working (I had taken a screen shot)… it was the orange color

Looks like part of it was browser issue… on chrome still goes to wrong place, but on Microsoft Edge goes here
but yes…not sure why the HTTPS no longer working…it had been via cloudflare cert

Right now, it looks like it’s set to :orange:, and is working.

Any idea why my old browser keeps going back to old site?

THanks so much for your help… I think the issue really was my browser?

As for the security…looks like that resolved too…right now its just encrypted from web to cloudflare, but not yet cloudflare to the host server. I need to do that…

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both go to the correct place (

but I’m not able to get to work like the two above (I get a 404 error…I will check with ezrentalstore too)

I USED to have an A record pointing to an IP (where I had website…but for now just want all traffic to go directly to the link…)

I get a 1020 error, access denied.

For reference, this is a continuation of:

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Are you not able to go to ?

(This is similar to prior post…but difference now is not using A record anymore)

Which url gives you a 1020?

The 1st 3 should work fine…

Strange…I typed URL but I don’t see them
“stagingdepot.ezrentaslstore.c o m”
“rentals.stagingdepot. c o m”
https://stagingdepot. c o m”
“https:/www.stagingdepot. c o m”
I put in quotes and spaced out the .com a c o m"

If you’ve set up any firewall rules, that may have blocked him.

Is ‘www’ supposed to be the same as the the domain without ‘www’? It wouldn’t surprise me if ezrentalstore limited which CNAMEs you could use based upon how you set it up over there. Are they all the same site? I suggest you pick one format for the main site: ‘www’ or not ‘www’. Then have one forward over to the other.

Ah yes… I did add a simple rule limiting viewers to the US

Yes www is supposed to be the same…
ok…that makes sense about them limiting.

Note: That warning flag is saying “cname record flattening” occurring

Since the www isn’t working…I guess I’d go with the one without www.
How would you handle the redirect?
I know on some sites you can do the redirect in config file…but I don’t have access

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