CNAME no longer working - newbie

Hello, I had been using a CNAME entry successfully for a period of time.

EZrentout requires I use a cname

Why isn’t getting redirected with CNAME?(see image)
I updated…waited 24 hours+…no luck. I deleted cnae, then reentered. STill no luck

Try clicking the :orange: to change it to :grey:.

What @sdayman said plus check your server’s SSL configuration

That is not secure

Yes…just temporary for now. The domaine name has SSL but not the IP

I made this change…makes is “DNS Only”… Will give it some time to propogate?

Actually…looking back at this from when it was working (I had taken a screen shot)… it was the orange color

Looks like part of it was browser issue… on chrome still goes to wrong place, but on Microsoft Edge goes here
but yes…not sure why the HTTPS no longer working…it had been via cloudflare cert

Right now, it looks like it’s set to :orange:, and is working.

A domain name cannot “have SSL”. If there is no SSL certificate on your server your site is insecure.

Any idea why my old browser keeps going back to old site?

THanks so much for your help… I think the issue really was my browser?

As for the security…looks like that resolved too…right now its just encrypted from web to cloudflare, but not yet cloudflare to the host server. I need to do that…

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