CNAME No access to Aliyun WAF

We added foreign parsing records CNAME to CDN, but did not access the WAF Web firewall in Aliyun. What’s the reason for that? What should I do?

Not sure what you mean. Is the WAF not working?

You can test if WAF is working by going to (replace with your domain).

records CNAME 1016 error,bad request

Can you post your domain and the CNAME “target” here?

At present, NSLOOKUP is used here.
There is no CNAME or WAF in the test, and the A record has been made so far. Please check it.

Can you screenshot the error you get? I don’t get 1016, I get a completely unrelated error:


What is the reason for this mistake? Server?

I get different responses for different visits. Sometimes I get the Bad Request error, and at other times it redirects to www and then works.

One way to fix this would be to add a Page Rule:
Match:* and add a Setting for Forwarding URL to$1

That should bypass whatever error is happening at the root domain. I suspect it’s multiple DNS entries for a hostname. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page? OK to black out IP addresses.

The DNS page Only Cname record

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