CNAME, My Domain and Clickfunnels?

Am getting an error in Clickfunnels when I hit the Verify button on my new domain. Cloudflare looks totally different than all other DNS areas I’ve worked with. Could/would someone explain this procedure to fix this error…please?


In order for your custom domain to work you’ll need to log in to where you bought your domain and add a CNAME record that points at

Try setting your CNAME to :grey:.

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Which cname? See attached pic. I’m so overwhelmed I can not think straight! HEEEEEElp!I still can not verify in clickfunnels. The waiting is killing me…

■■■■, I can’t even figure out how to attach a pic here!

Try this if your willing: that is a Lightshot Screen Capture Tool capture. Thanks sdayman for taking the time for me!!!

Hi @paulpoole,

Looking at their instructions, it would seem that you need to change the CNAME record with www next to it to point to

The top one also looks like it is for, which I don’t think is what you want…

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NICE!! Its fixed!! Thanks for your help…what a relief to have that done,…

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