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Hi guys,
I hope you are well. Also I’ll hope my English will be good enough to be clear.
I’m not familiar with all Cloudflare / website stuff so I really need your help if that’s possible.

We just migrated our pa . cotte . fr website to Webflow.
Once published, Webflow requested to us to update our Cloudflare DNS entries by :
Clearing the old entries
Adding new entry: “A @ IP_addresses_of_webflow”
Adding the new entry: “CNAME pa proxy-ssl.webflow”

By making these modifications our website is available online with no issues. Webflow confirmed that all good.
Unfortunately the consequence is now that we’ve been notified by some companies (Not all) they are no longer able to send us any emails.

If I’m right, after searching some help on internet, the problem occurs because the new entry “CNAME pa proxy-ssl.webflow” hides these MX entries:

The problem is I don’t know how to fix the problem.
I tried to get support from webflow but all tutorials are different.
I tried to change some entries but it’s getting worse or that doesn’t fix the problem.

Any chance someone has some tips to help me here ?
Not sure what I need to do for fixing the delivery email issue.
Any tools I can use to troubleshooting that ?

Best regards

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A CNAME of will prevent the existence of MX records for With the exception of DNSSEC, no other records may occupy the same label as a CNAME. If your email addresses are in the format of [email protected], you will need to coordinate with your new host to see if they can provide an option that relies on A or AAAA records instead of the CNAME for your hostname.

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