CNAME Multiple Odoo websites

Hello, I got the following error message:

CNAME record with that host already exists.

I have created 2 websites via Odoo and would like to register a CNAME record to a domain provided by Odoo (the domain being and yet I would like to create 1 record from domain B to the odoo domain when I already have a CNAME domain A to the same odoo domain. I’ve been told that this is the normal procedure because Odoo provides the same domain name, but once the redirection has been made in Odoo, I’m on the right site. Could you help me with this problem? Has anyone had a similar problem?

Thank you in advance.

You can’t use a CNAME for the same name twice for the same domain. If you are doing this for 2 domains, they should be in separate Cloudflare zones.

Can you confirm what CNAME records you are creating, for what domain, and where you are pointing them at?

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Hello, thank you for your answer.
I created 2 websites on Odoo using the same domain The first website A is already working with a CNAME to that domain and I should redirect the second website B to the same domain. (Odoo should be able to separate the two websites because they already have names as A and B)
So the Odoo support told me that I have to point my domains to the same domain.

By the way what do you mean saying separate Cloudflare zones ?
Actually on my account I have 2 websites (A and B)

Thank you in advance,

So the Odoo support told me that I have to point my domains to the same domain.

What are these two “domains” for your two sites?

If they are subdomains of the same domain (eg and, then open the Cloudflare DNS app for the domain/site/zone proceed to create the CNAME records as follows:

Name: siteA (equivalent to

Name: siteB (equivalent to

You should not get any error doing this. If you are seeing duplicate record error, you must be doing something wrong. Provide a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS app showing the error message as well as the records in question, and we can look into this for you.

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