Cname missing

Hi there! I used Cloudflare for sometimes now. Today, when I want to transfer my domain to another host (CNAME is the same, just switching GitHub Pages repo), all CNAME according to Whois is now gone! NS to Cloudflare is still available but no CNAME had been found.

If your CNAME records are set to :orange: Proxied, they will appear as an “A” record with the IP address of the proxy server.

If you need for them to be raw CNAME records, they need to be edited to be :grey: DNS Only.

Ok I will try to switch to DNS only. Although does DNS only, could SSL apply to the site together too?

Is something broken?

Yes! I usually use Proxied and it working fine but now it doesn’t. The CNAME keep wouldn’t appear in WhoIS and my site is down!

That’s not very specific. Sites that are down return specific error messages that help with debugging.

The proper way to fix this is to switch that hostname to :grey: DNS Only, then fix the server so the site loads properly with HTTPS.

Well the issue is, I just switched it 5 minutes ago and it still not working.

It is clear in this photo and CNAME is pointing to Github but in DNS checker, it show nothing.

That’s because you can’t use a CNAME for the apex domain. Cloudflare automatically flattens it to be the IP address of the target. It will show up as an “A” record.

Checking the site, it does not have proper SSL for your hostname. Will Github let you add one of your own? If so, then Cloudflare can generate one for you:

I use Cloudflare generated SSL for it. But how could I add apex domain to GitHub Pages??

I’m not seeing that. It’s showing a Github certificate.

Hmm I think the SSL might be turn off. Whatever, I want my site to be accessible using http:// at least. Usually, when proxy is off, the SSL will gone.

Whenever I try to access my site, it appear this. I needed my sites to be accessible to everyone.

I just recheck DNS lookup, IT SHOW NOTHING. Although I DID turn on Proxy but I needs it for SSL from Cloudflare to work. But now, my site is not accessible to anyone!

For what? I see quite a bit:

Please keep in mind that free TLDs such as .tk have frequent DNS problems due to Freenom’s low level of support at that price point.

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