CNAME issues Hubspot

I am trying to configure my hubspot email domain and I am getting an error message in hubspot and after spending hours with their tech support they have pointed me here. I have read the threads about this which mention CNAME flattening being the issue. However, my CNAME is already set to Flatten CNAME at apex. I am in desperate need of help.

I’m assuming the domain is the one in the account that you are using here.

It looks like that domain is still pending, so the DNS records in your Cloudflare account won’t propogate until after the nameservers are changed and the site shows active.

When Cloudflare is enabled on your site and DNS records are orange clouded, Cloudflare IPs are returned in DNS queries for your domain. This includes CNAME records. If you need your CNAME record to propogate as a CNAME rather than an A record with Cloudflare IPs, then you will need to leave it unproxied (gray clouded).


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