CName Issues #12343241233

How do I fix this?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask did you followed the instructions as written (from the shared screenshot) and added a new DNS record for your domain name under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name? :thinking:

CNAME trail with the target to the and which is unproxied and set to :grey: (DNS-only)

You can do it by navigating to the DNS tab therefore using the instructions from the below article how to add a new DNS record:

I’ve checked and see the A record exists, but it’s proxied and set to :orange: → should be CNAME first.
Please, remove it.
Therefore, click on “Add new record”, from the dropdown select “CNAME”, add a target as instructed and click on the :orange: to switch it to :grey: (DNS-only) and click “Save” to apply the changes.
Otherwise, I might have looked wrongly and there is a CNAME record, but again it’s proxied and set to :orange: while it should be set to :grey: (DNS-only).

Wait for few minutes or an hour and it should be fine :wink:

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Still not working please see video link

It’s working now thank you for the help!


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