CNAME issue


hi everyone,

I am trying to create a CNAME This CNAME is suppose to point it to I used different TTL but this one is not working. Any help. Other CNAMES are working fine but issue is coming only with this CNAME
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This record is currently :orange: which means we are obfuscating the true address. Sendgrid is looking for the unobfuscated value so in the DNS control panel make the :orange: :grey:


In setting up on the godaddy side so it will connect with a third part (, I accidently deleted my CNAME info. I don’t have the information to redo it since it was done automatically when I first signed up using the domain name. Does any one have a sample of what data goes in each of the area to complete the CNAME set up?
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If you’re talking about this CNAME Setup:

The CNAME record for the www subdomain will be

If you’re talking about Teachable’s CNAME, here’s a guide: