CNAME issue with custom domain

Hi. I have added a CNAME file to my domain so that I can have a custom domain on a third party platform. Once initiating Cloudflare, the third party cannot “see” the CNAME file.

I have made all in Cloudflare DNS only except the domain itself because this removes the SSL.

Any thoughts how to resolve this?

Thanx in advance.


Can you clarify- are you trying to allow other websites to create a CNAME to your domain?

It sounds like you made a CNAME for that points to a third party. CNAMEs at Root are not RFC-Compliant. This is why Cloudflare “flattens” CNAME records at root. Now it’s just going to appear as an “A” record with an IP address.

Hi Judge. Actually the reverse. The third party platform I use allows me to have custom domains on forms. I create a sub domain (e.g. I then create a CNAME pointing at the third party platform.

With Cloudflare connected, they can’t “see” the CNAME record. They suggested setting everything to DNS only.

Thank you. Please let me know if you need more information.


I see - they most likely don’t see the CNAME since it’s turned into an A record when Cloudflare proxies it.

If you would like to use Cloudflare features, you could try temporarily turning the DNS record to dns-only :grey: and then turning it back to proxied once they verify the CNAME, although this might not work forever if they go back and re-check the domain. In that case, their service might not be compatible with Cloudflare’s proxy at all.

OP said all entries are DNS Only except for the domain itself. So I’m not sure why the third party wouldn’t like the subdomain CNAME record.

I’m trying what Judge suggested…

May be a few hours…

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Thanx !!!

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