CNAME is not taking

I have created 2 CNAME record and it’s been over 24 hours and it’s not taking. I have 2 sites on Cloudflare and the other site is working like a charm. Both have the same set up to use email marking. They are both hosted with the same hosting company and both on Cloudflare. What would cause 1 to work great and not the other. The CNAME is for www2 and link, these are the set up for email marketing. Any advice?

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Have you verified that your CNAMEs are set to :grey: DNS Only?

Thank you for responding. The other domain has it proxied and it’s working. Should they be on DNS only? I merely copied the same set up on the one that is working.

It’s difficult to answer that with the minimal detail provided. When a CNAME is proxied, it is published as A and AAAA records with Cloudflare proxy IPs. This will result in the failure of any explicit queries for a CNAME. When a CNAME is used for verification, it is often tested using a query for the CNAME. Setting the CNAME to :grey: ensures the query will succeed.

Thank you so much. Changed to DNS only and it worked. Just weird while the other website it works with proxied. Again, thank you so much!!

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