CNAME is not being recognize by Thinkific

I set the record for a customer’s cloudflare account and it is just not registering at all.

I have one that is a subdomain that works fine but not the root domain.

What’s wrong?

You didn’t post the hostname, so we can’t check, but try setting it to :grey: DNS Only and see if that fixes it.

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The domain is registered at GoDaddy but Site Ground is the host but using Cloudflare.
The domain which you can that I get a 404 page.

The other one that does work is

The first one is pointing to a site called Thinkific, a LMS platform and the second is a similar platform called Kajabi. The first one is the one that does not work.

I am not sure where to set DNS only. Cloudflare? Site Ground?

Thank you.

Wherever your Cloudflare DNS is controlled. Sometimes Siteground lets users activate Cloudflare from within Siteground.

Although SiteGround does indeed have a method to connecting to an existing Cloudflare account, it does not show one as being active that’s because that feature was never used or that the client did not know anything about it. I know for a fact that the existing Cloudflare account was created some years ago and was manual configured.

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Is there not a direct chat or a ticket system to have them help me?

Update: Another guy was able to set the record to DNS only. All is working fine now. Thank you.

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