CNAME Invalid CNAME record 1004


I am trying to validate my domain with a SSL vendor using the CNAME verification method. The record is:

_05B78C54E7C4941D78571E07393E3B6C pointing to 64120BBC6515D191CC80D37B80C01288.87785686AEC664DAC1D34F9DD704B956.

However, in Cloudflare I get a CNAME error message saying it is invalid. Is it maybe picking up the target as an IP address format and not allowing it? This works without an issue at Godaddy DNS but is giving me trouble here with CF. Error is:

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) Content for CNAME record is invalid.

Proxy setting is set to DNS only btw

It just saved for me, but I did have to remove the line break after the 956.


Removing the line break looks to have worked

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