CNAME-ing root to Teachable = error 1014 CNAME cross-user banned

We’re having trouble with just 1 of the 2 CNAMEs that associate our custom domain with our school on This is an initial configuration problem, not something that did work but is now broken.

The CNAME record that tries to join our root domain with the Teachable school consistently results in error 1014 CNAME cross-user banned.

The CNAME record that associates our www with our Teachable school works correctly, and is reliable.

I have searched through the last year+ of community posts about CNAME + Teachable, but nothing in them seems to have helped. Teachable’s tier 1 support says they’re out of ideas, and they hope tier 2 can think of something - but it’ll be a very long wait. Any guidance the community could offer would be very much appreciated.

Screen grabs below of our DNS settings and the error from trying to access just the root domain without www.


As those DNS entries are :grey: DNS Only, they point straight to Teachable and is not part of your Cloudflare configuration. You will have to contact Teachable for assistance.

Thanks so much, @sdayman ! I was really starting to doubt myself, and feedback from someone with as much experience as you is very reassuring. Now to wait patiently for Teachable’s tier 2, and hope they can fix whatever hairball is on their end. :slight_smile:

In case it helps the next person: Teachable’s posted guide for configuring Cloudflare for use with Teachable shows creating the CNAME records in proxy mode. Teachable’s support staff advises to use DNS mode. I initially created the CNAMEs in proxy mode as shown in the guide. When it didn’t work, I followed the support tech’s instructions to remove and then recreate both CNAMEs as DNS only. Still the same result - www works, root doesn’t, and tier 1 was told to hand off to tier 2 support staff.

The 1014 error basically means “You pointed your DNS hostname record to a third party that uses Cloudflare, and they haven’t added that hostname to their configuration.”

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