CNAME - I'm wanting to fill it in correctly

What do you put in the Target Box, is it a Number or will it be Cloudflare.?
I have in my CNAME - in the Name Box ‘WW’ shouldn’t that be 3 W’s
and do I put my Domain name in it.?
The Target Box, I have in it now - parked.namesilo dotcom.
That is where I have purchased my Domain, and I have it pointing to Cloudflare.
Please help me, you great people out there!
Thanks Pete

What record(s) (typically, AAAA, A or CNAME) to eventually need to use for your set up would depend quite a lot on where and how you are hosting your actual website.

Your hosting provider would be able to assist you further with what exact type of record you should use, as well as what content you need to put in these “target boxes” on your DNS configuration.

If you have also bought a web hosting package together with your domain on Namesilo, then Namesilo would be place that can help you further for what records your DNS needs to have.


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