CNAME https to cloudflare with proxy to my SSL my port

Good Day - thanks in advance

Goal = have a Cloudflare resource proxy to my server / my port

example proxy to

where, is in my DNS and a CNAME to some/a Cloudflare name/ip

Seems I need

  • a Cloudflare account (done)
  • may need (correct?) to upgrade to a Business Plan (or higher ?)
  • ‘provision’ a SSL certificate
  • set up the CNAME for app_DOT_bob_DOT_com to something akin to app_DOT_bob_DOT_com_DOT_cdn_DOT_Cloudflare_DOT_net_DOT_
  • configure some (?) resource for the proxy to the target

Question A: is the goal possible?
Question B: do I have the general steps (outlined above) correct?

I saw URL = support_DOT_Cloudflare_DOT_com/hc/en-us/articles/360020615111-Configuring-a-CNAME-setup

What other information do I need to provide?

If you require a CNAME setup (where Cloudflare is not your authoritative NS), then yes, the business plan is required.

Either LetsEncrypt or a Cloudflare origin certificate will work for the “full (strict)” ssl mode.


Having the DNS set up both in Cloudflare and your actual site’s DNS, with the proxy enabled (orange cloud :orange:) should be all you need for the actual proxy to start working.

For the port remapping (where goes to your server on port 8443 or another port), you would need the Cloudflare app portzilla or a custom Cloudflare Workers script that does this.

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Judge – Thanks for your time. I appreciate the details
The “portzilla” is unknown to me and I will check it out.

I hope the rest of your day is good

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