CNAME getting a Error 1000

Slight confused on why I get this error, DNS points to prohibited IP. The name is a BigC website which is also on Cloudflare. Why cannot one domain be point to another domain on Cloudflare, sole purpose of DNS. Tried a CNAME or just a redirect to ip address and DNS Only and not proxied, same error.

If your host is using Cloudflare proxy, he will have to provide you with steps to add the domain to your website. Generally, your host would need to add the domain to their account in some form (for example with Cloudflare for SaaS).

There are a lot of reasons why you cannot add a CNAME to a website that is proxied by Cloudflare but not on your account.
Simplest of all, a DNS-only CNAME would send your requests to a server that does not know your hostname and could not respond with the correct website. Even if Cloudflare added your hostname to the proxy-configuration, this would break all sorts of things, for example redirect rules.
In the end, it just wouldn’t work in most cases.

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