CNAME from outside Cloudflare to CNAME in Cloudflare

(All domains are examples)

I have the following domain setup with cloudflares Name servers.

with the following DNS setup in cloudflare.




Can I CNAME from another name servers outside of cloudflare e.g.




So the path to get to the final website would be:

Name server not cloudflare > Cloudflare Name server > end website > >

I note there is a support page on CNAME setup which requires a business account - is this a requirement to achieve the above?

If this is so then:
-Is the cname request in the instructions for the domain (e.g. one request)
-for each domain external to cloudflare e.g.,,


Bad idea :wink:

You generally can’t point CNAME records to Cloudflare as the proxies will need to recognise the domain and won’t if the domain itself is not on Cloudflare. That is regardless of your plan level and that domain will always need to be “registered” in some way with Cloudflare.

This is, of course, under the assumption you are talking about proxied records. If they aren’t Cloudflare is not involved in the first place.

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