CNAME from external domain (error 1001)

this is the current scenario:

  • Our client created a subdomain '’ CNAME pointing to '’
  • '*’ is fully proxied and DNS managed on cloudflare
  • '*’ is and external domain with redirects setup as above

when we do a tracert it show proper redirection to '’, however when we open '’ on the browser we get error message
‘Error 1001 Ray ID: 806bc160ecff242d
DNS resolution error’

Do you have any suggestions on how to address this problem? I searched through the support documentation but couldn’t find anything helpful. Thank you in advance!

You need to use Cloudflare for SaaS if you want to point another domain via CNAME to a proxied domain.

We subscribed to the Pro account, can you elaborate on how to activate this SaaS feature and where do we configure this properly?

The link in my previous post will take you straight to the relevant documentation, which will answer these questions.

thanks for the response, the custom hostname is now active and pending propagation

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