CNAME from different domain

Hi, I’m trying to setup something like this (not sure if Cloudflare allows this): -> is CNAME to -> (in external hosting company) -> is A to -> server IP (in Cloudflare)

the thing is that is my domain registered on Cloudflare and the A record works just fine. But when i set CNAME from different domain that isn’t mine (it’s my client’s) to my subdomain that is on Cloudflare, I get 409 DNS resolution error, and i don’t know where could be the problem, but also i don’t know if this is allowed.

The reason for this is that i’m providing a product (something like CRM) on my domain (which will be registered on Cloudflare with Cloudflare NS) and each client has “his version” of the system on his subdomain (which is still my subdomain). But some of my clients would like to have their system on their own subdomain (i have access to DNS of their domain, but i cannot change their NS, i can add CNAME only)

So the question is if this setup is even possible and allowed.

So you would like your server to be behind Cloudflare, but customers can CNAME to your domain/subdomain?

This is called a Managed CNAME, and unfortunately requires Cloudflare enterprise:

If you can’t afford enterprise, you’ll need to set the CNAME they target to :grey: and roll your own DDOS protection/SSL (with letsencrypt)/etc to get the same effect while still using Cloudflare DNS for your main domain.

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Thank you very much, that looks exactly what i was looking for.

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