Cname FROM Cloudflare mapping TO 3rd party Proxy server - guidance needed

I’m utilizing a 3rd party translation platform that will host translated versions of our english website on a proxy server.

The language structure will be using a sub-directory structure (e.g. /nl/ for Dutch). I need to forward all inbound traffic from []/nl to the 3rd party proxy server. Can someone guide me to where this would be managed in CloudFlare and how I would go about setting these records up?

I don’t have the proxy server URL details as yet but this will be in hand shortly.

Additional items to consider. The following is taken directly from the user guidelines (Onelink):
While the default implementation for OneLink Deployments is to host the translated site on a language subdomain or a
country top level domain (ccTLD), OneLink can also be configured to host the translated site in a subdirectory or subfolder
(example: This document outlines the requirements for such an implementation.
Host handler: For OneLink to work with a directory-based website, a host handler must be implemented. The host
handler is positioned in front of the OneLink proxy and of the origin site and redirects browser requests based on virtual
language directories. Requests for source language pages are directed to the origin site while requests for translated
pages are routed to the OneLink Proxy.

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