CNAME from another domain to domain on cloudflare


I am managing a domain ( where I have deployed a website. There is another organization which operates their own domains (, and we have an agreement that my site will be using their domain(

In order for the site to benefit from Cloudflare’s DDOS protection, I have deployed the site to one of my domains (

They have set up a CNAME record in targeting And … I am hitting a DNS resolution error, also describer here I guess. However, I do not want to have a redirect and lose domain name from the url in the browser.

My point is to always be able to see, whilst still having the site deployed to Is this possible using a CNAME record, or should there be another setup?

I know I can use just an A record in DNS, but in this way I will not have Cloudflare’s benefits.

Any help is appreciated.

You’re offering SaaS to the “B” organization. You’d need a special arrangement with Cloudflare to share your plan with other domains.

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