CNAME for S3 bucket

I’ve recently set up S3 object storage, and I’m having a bit of an issue with CNAME and buckets. At the moment, my bucket name is domain-static, and it works perfectly when I try to view a file at it. I want to change the URL, however, be my domain, not {bucketname}, so I’d ideally like the URLS to be

I’ve added a CNAME from to, but this is causing a bit of an issue, and now when I try to find a file, it gives the error:

<Message>The specified bucket does not exist</Message>

It appears that the URL is trying to locate the bucket with name, when in reality, it should just be redirecting the URL to Does anyone know what could be causing this? I’m 99% certain that my code is properly working and isn’t the thing causing any issues, so I believe this is something on Cloudflare’s end. Even if I turn off proxy via CF, the issue still persists?

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