CNAME for root domain not available

I cannot seem to get my CNAME published for my root domain. I have no clue why it’s not happening…

There are DNS records found:

Yet here there’s no CNAME available…

Also with this tool everything seems to check out, except the CNAME:

This is the current setup in Cloudflare,

I think it’s correct and there are no typo’s as far as I can tell…

Anyone have any idea what’s happening?

A naked domain can’t be a CNAME, so Cloudflare “flattens” that into an A record with the IP address of the CNAME’s host.


Thanks Sando,

I’m not sure what you mean by “A naked domain can’t be a CNAME”.

I thought the fact that I have a gray cloud (DNS only) would mean I could use the setup as above.

If not, how can I point my root domain to

Thanks again

It is not about :orange: or :grey:. A CNAME simply can’t be configured on a naked domain, such as in your case. Cloudflare does support it but does also flatten it into an A record. Note the small exclamation mark?

Your domain already points to the address you specified. Check the IP address. It simply is not the hostname but the hostname’s IP address.

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Thanks again, then I don’t understand how i make the root domain point to

This is possible right?

What do you mean by point to? It already does point to it. Check the IP address of your domain and that host.

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Longer explanation on why this is not possible: CNAME at the apex of a zone - ISC

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When I go to, it does not go to There needs to be a DNS record for that somewhere I think.

Right now there’s no link between that (hostname or IP) and my domain in Cloudflare.

I’m trying to achieve this:, about halfway through where it says Custom Root Domain.

$ host has address

$ host has address

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Check the IP addresses at

If it doesnt show the same content you most likely need to configure your domain on that server, so that it serves the right content. Otherwise you could only perform a proper HTTP redirect via page rules for example, but that wouldnt show your domain but would only redirect.

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In your particular case you also need to configure a proper HTTPS certificate as the server does not recognise your domain and hence cant serve a certificate, hence the SSL error.

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Ok thanks, so they both have the same IP… So I could delete all DNS records and still have the same IPs?

Unfortunately the ProductDyno domain configuration app checks for a CNAME record. So somehow I need a CNAME records for to be available for

I’m afraid I’m getting a bit out of my comfort zone here. But I appreciate your help.

You want the CNAME for verification? In that case you would need to configure a proper record (not the root domain) but I guess that’s what they also expect from you. Once you have a proper record it doesnt get flattened and will be a CNAME which can be verified by them.

What instructions did they give you?

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Yes, ?I think they need the CNAME for verfication. But they do give the instructions to use a Root Domain.

Also a subdomain, but I want the root domain.

Here are the instructions I have:

About half way through it says Using a root domain

Did you follow the instructions where it mentioned how to set up the domain on their site?

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You mean where it says Set the Custom Domain on ProductDyno?

I tried, but there it gives the error that there is no CNAME record. So that will only work when there is a valid CNAME record published for my root domain…


This is pretty concerning since DNS itself says a CNAME can’t be set up on the root, and I don’t think CF, Namecheap, and 123-reg all break the DNS spec.

I recommend opening up a support ticket with product dyno / promotelabs about this. Maybe link to this forum thread as well.

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There cant be a CNAME at the root level, only for www. Try switching www away from your domain to their app host.

Overall your DNS setup on Cloudflare looks alright (change the www bit), if it still doesnt work you should contact them, as they would need to say what is wrong.

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I will try!

In fact I contacted them before I came on here. PromoteLabs tells me that since that this check fails, it’s not because of their system.

This is a CNAME lookup, that needs to work before they can make it work in ProductDyno.

Thats actually an MX lookup. But anyhow, CNAME cant work on your root domain and right now it does point to their host, but via the IP instead of the host which is the same at the end of the day.

At this point I am afraid only they can help you, your Cloudflare setup is almost right (fix the www bit).

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