CNAME for Mail



I am using mail services by Zoho Mail. I want to use the URL

I have performed the steps given by Zoho, and added a CNAME on my Origin host. Do I also need to make changes in my CloudFlare DNS panel?


Yes, you’ll need to add the records to Cloudflare as well. For Zoho, here’s what it should looks like:          MX    IN 10          MX    IN 20          MX    IN 50          TXT   IN "v=spf1 ~all"
zb*****  CNAME IN

Please ensure that the CNAME record is set to :grey: (grey clouded) in order for Zoho to verify the record existance.

You can basically ignore the DNS at your Origin host if you changed your Nameserver to Cloudflare as all DNS request will be handled by Cloudflare.



I have all of that configured, I guess. However, I need to be able to use the custom mail URL like How do I do that? Please refer to the picture


Zoho have an option for a custom login URL, just point the mail subdomain to with a CNAME.


I just did it! Thanks a lot.


I have 2 problems;

  1. First is that while I’m able to add the first mx record, I cannot add the 2nd or 3rd.

@ 20
@ 30

  1. I am seeing that some people are referring to using instead of Which one is right?