Cname for dynamic dns

I have a dynamic dns name i want to create a cname dns record in Cloudflare to point to

my initial registrar is, when i use namecheap, i could access the site using, but when i move my domain to Cloudflare, its not working.

Please provide more details on

i am getting a connection timeout error, when i tried to access whereas i can still connect using my dynamic dns name

Do you have DNS records set up for that subdomain? Can you share the domain and subdomain that isn’t working?

Add the CNAME pointing to your dyndns address but try it with ‘grey cloud’ in your DNS overview in order to take Cloudflare proxying out of the equation.

You could simplify things by using the Cloudflare API to dynamically update directly with your IP as it changes, effectively making your subdomain record a ‘dynamic hostname’ in its own right.

wow, that did it, thanks, removed the Cloudflare proxying out.

can you tell what are the things im missing out by removing Cloudflare proxy.

about your second suggestion, im currently using my router to update the dynamicdns, and im not sure how to automate it to update the ip in Cloudflare dns record, as the router doesnt provide those configurations.

Without the proxy you’re simply not using Cloudflare’s web protections, and also your real IP is exposed (that’s why you managed to connect; when Cloudflare is enabled, only HTTP traffic passes, and only does so on standard HTTP ports 80/443 - and maybe only 443 if you have SSL set to “Full (Strict)” in SSL/TLS app)

If your router does not support updating of CF based on API key, and you don’t want to use your own computer to do the updating (i.e. you have more than one computer behind the public IP and not all of them are always up), then dynamic DNS through a router-built-in provider is probably required. (though, you COULD put the updater on ALL your machines… so it will be up2date whenever one is up - and when no machine is up, you probably don’t care that the IP is not up2date…)

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