CNAME for AWS SES DKIM Records not resolving


Need a human to review and assist as the support bot is code drunk lol

CNAME entries are not resolving, resulting in “do not exist”.

DNS CNAME entries are NOT proxied…

We have tested using several online DKIM tools to check with the same result for the last 10 days.

Attached are the entries provided by AWS SES for reference.

DKIM: verification attempts failed

DKIM Verification Status: failure (retry)

Thanks in advance!!

Here’s the entries from the AWS console

(post deleted by author)

If you could paste the name it would help. Might take a while to type those in!

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Here you go :slight_smile: - - -

Thank you Michael!

In the name field in Cloudflare you need to enter ns56kdhht7ddwhfeyyfjflzuqjzbtr5n._domainkey. You have entered ns56kdhht7ddwhfeyyfjflzuqjzbtr5n

% dig +short

The _domainkey bit is important.


Thank you for clarifying, I did have that at one point and the result was the same.

I’ll revert it back as instructed - let’s see if it picks up now…

Looks like it’s propagating correctly as well @michael

Thank you brother!

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