CNAME for a new domain not working

I added a lot of CNAME for multiple domains on Cloudflare, and it always worked without a problem, but for my latest domain it just doesn’t work and I have no idea why, can’t find anything online, and Cloudflare support is useless. One of my domains expired and since I have another one I just copied CNAME that points to a Cloudflare page from one domain to another and it just doesn’t want to work. Domain is .dev, does Cloudflare maybe disallow .dev domains or what? I’m losing my mind here

Hi Dino!

Do you have any ticket opened on Cloudflare support?

Have a look here:

I hope that it can help you!

Take care!

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Hmm, yeah, after changing it works, but why is that? What does Cloudflare do in the bg that it didn’t work when I manually added CNAME entry?

Thank you so much for your help!

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