Cname Flattening, using the Apex Domain

I am new to this so please bear with me, i’ve never setup a website before.

I have set cloudflare to be my DNS provider. My site is I want it to be able to work as just I don’t know what i need to do to configure this so that works?

I have attached a picture of my DNS management in cloudflare. What is could be wrong and what do i need to do to fix this?

I’ve read many articles on DNS but i’ll be honest, being new i’m still a bit baffled by it all. Am doing my best to learn about it and understand it.

Thank you.

You just need to create a record for your naked domain ( or @) and point it to the machine in question. It can be either an A record or a CNAME record.

Just make sure the machine itself recognises the naked domain as well and has a proper certificate. If that is the case you are good to go.

That seems to be the exact issue. Your server neither has a certificate nor is it configured for It is only configured for the “www” host.

You’ll need to talk to your host about that as they have to fix that.

Alternatively you can also check out Redirect to

Thanks for the quick hit back.

So I created a new record as per the attached picture. The site is hosted at Discourse, so do I need to contact them to connect my site to this new record?

Thank you and my apologies if I’m not using correct terminology here.

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Yep, that should work.

Yes, they (or you, if you can do this on their control panel) need to configure the server to respond for the naked domain and with a valid certificate.

Otherwise use the redirect approach I mentioned earlier.

Thanks again for your help.

One quick sanity question before I contact Discourse, if I go to DNS check website and test it’s not propagating anywhere? Shouldn’t this be propagating even before I’ve done anything with Discourse?

If I create a new CNAME, say it propagates immediately.

Does this then prove that Discourse need to route my apex domain through their servers for it to work properly?

Just trying to get my head around this before I contact their tech support.

Thank you Sandro, it’s very helpful to be able to ask an expert.

It should, but it does. There’s not DNS issue per se. Unless you mean something else, in which case please elaborate.

Do not check this way. It doesn’t work with cname flattening case.


Instead check for “A” record instead. Because one level resolving happens at CF end.


If your question was why the naked domain wouldn’t resolve as CNAME record, then that will never be the case. For technical reasons the naked domain cannot be a CNAME and (if you set it up as CNAME) will always be “flattened” to an A record.

But as mentioned earlier, the DNS setup is fine and you just need to sort out the web issues with your host or implement the redirect.

Sandro and user3996,
Thank you for your help on this, i contacted Discourse tech support and sure enough it was on their end. The site is now live using the apex domain.

I really appreciate the advice. Thank you.

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