CNAME Flattening to Root Domain



I’m getting a 1016 error when I try to use CNAME flattening.

My domain is registered with godaddy. I’m deploying a heroku app on it. I wanted users to access the root domain (without the “www”). Heroke prohibits A-name records to point to the root domain, instead requiring that a CNAME record point to the root domain. Instead of using a 301 redirect, I wanted to take advantage of CNAME flattening after reading this blog:

So I changed the nameservers at godaddy to cloudflare nameservers.

Then on cloudflare I went to the “Manage your Domain Name System (DNS)”

I set the values to CNAME | @ |

However, I got a 1016 error because it requires that an A-record point to the root domain. I tried adding an A record but it won’t accept a CNAME and A record at the same time.

What step am I missing?



Your root record resolves to an IP address (so is being treated as an A record).


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