CNAME flattening root only on paid subscription?

Hello, is it possible to activate the “flatten CNAME at root” option with a free Cloudflare plan?


I think “Flatten CNAME at root” from your screenshot has been renamed “Flatten CNAME at apex” since that post.

The alternate selection is “Flatten all CNAMEs” which is available in paid accounts…

We are trying to enroll Intune EMM

As a part of steps we need to configure DNS CNAME verification :

On Cloudflare it appears like this :

As the result the domain vertification is failing …

That’s not what CNAME flattening means. The Cloudflare dashboard simply doesn’t show the domain (unless the record is for the apex domain itself).

If you can give the domain name I can check the records resolve (which they should, from your screenshot it looks correct).

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Thanks, here’s the domain name:

All resolves ok. Depending when you set this up this record, maybe it’s not been rechecked by their processes yet.

dig +short

dig +short
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