CNAME flattening isn't working

I have a site being hosted by buzzsprout, and they have requested that I put a CNAME record linking to

I’ve created a CNAME record of @ pointing to and another of www pointing to . Both are DNS only (grey) and CNAME flattening is enabled at the root domain.

However, the root domain does not work (www works). It says too many redirects. What am I doing wrong?

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Did you try clicking that :point_up_2: link?

Which name did you configure at Buzzsprout. While their guide indicates that you can use your apex name with a DNS host that has CNAME flattening (or equivalent), it did not indicate that you can use both the root and a specific hostname.

You may want to delete your apex CNAME and replace it with a :orange: proxied AAAA record of 100:: (a special IPv6 address in the discard prefix). You can then use a redirect rule to send visitors to the www name just like in the first example here.