CNAME Flattening is grayed out

I have two domains in which I am managing DNS at CloudFlare. Both of them appear to be working as mail is flowing and websites are operational. However, the reason that I moved the DNS to CloudFlare was for the CNAME Flattening. At this time that option is grayed out for both of my domains.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Looks like CNAME Flattening for subdomains is only available to paid plans.

I do not have any use for CNAME Flattening of subdomains. I am interested in only flattening the root domain.

Flattening of root domains should be applied automatically to all domains. Is it something not working?

Hopefully this will help someone else in this situation.

I read the article located here:

Down at the bottom is what I found to be the key to the entire setup. “As of last week, CNAME Flattening is on by default. To take advantage of it, just add a CNAME to your root record.”

What exactly does this mean…

First, you have to remove any A record or current root record you have. If you do not do this, you will get an error and not be able to save your CNAME record.

Second, add a CNAME record. The “Name” of this record should be your root domain i.e. or domain name dot extension. The “Content” of this record should be the longer sub domain that you are directing your root domain to.

For a more detailed explanation you can check out this site: What is CNAME flattening and how it helps redirecting the apex domain - Advanced Web Machinery

Don’t be confused if the CNAME Flattening button near the bottom of the DNS page is grayed out. You do not need that service for flattening the root domain. My understanding now is that this becomes available to you with a paid subscription, and this can be used to flatten sub-domains. Thank you erictung for pointing that out to me.

Once you save your new CNAME, it will show up on your DNS page with a little “i” surrounded by a blue circle. You can mouse over that for information. It basically says that what you did is not allowed, so CNAME flattening will be applied.

Hope this helps simplify someone’s day.

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