CNAME Flattening + Hubspot problems

Hi all. I am trying to set up HubSpot (our CRM system) and part of that is connecting an email-sending domain. To do that I need to add some CNAME records BUT this doesn’t work due to default CNAME flattening on Cloudflare. What can I do? I am not technical and don’t really understand what’s happening but can follow instructions! Thanks in advance for any wise words. Kind regards. Simon

Cloudflare only flattens the CNAME at root because you’re not supposed to have a CNAME for root. Flattening CNAMEs at the subdomain level is optional and can be set to Root Only at the bottom of your DNS page.

Thank you very much for the quick reply. The option at the foot of the page is greyed out for me and therefore can’t be changed. How can I unlock this do you know? Thanks again. Simon

If it’s greyed out, then it’s not flattening the subdomain CNAME…but if it’s proxied (:orange), it will act like it’s flattened because it’s proxied.

Thank you once again for the super-quick reply. So, I went back in and changed the setting on the individual CNAME records in question from “Proxied” to “DNS only” and this seems to have solved the problem. However as I’m not technical, I don’t know what the implications of making this change actually are, just that doing it has allowed me to connect the email-sending domain in HubSpot. Have I done anything inadvisable by changing to “DNS only”? Thanks again. Simon

Hostnames used for sending or receiving email should be set to :grey:, as Cloudflare only proxies HTTP traffic.

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