Cname flattening help please



I setup ddns on my asus router. So now will point to my computer.

I have the domain mydomainDotcom.

I setup a cname records with cloudfare.

with mydomain pointing to

For some reason the cname flattening does not work as I expected.

Do I have to use a different service like Noip instead?


I’ve not tried CNAME to a home router, but the a CNAME I set up to an AWS S3 bucket: my (I forget the syntax) flattened.

What’s not working as expected?


It would not go to my server. I saw a couple other people with the same issue when searching. I’m going to go with the advice I found on using ddclient and cloudfare.

Using an A name record and my routers WAN IP works in less than 2 minuets. Trying with just the cname record and waiting a few hours… Ended up giving me nothing… Also when I did a cname lookup there was some sort of error. I have setup cname records before so I know they were setup properly. I even searched and found people using the same service also had issues setting up cname records with it.

Right now i’m just using an A name record and it works fine. I just need to setup ddclient Incase my ip changes so it will automatically update it.


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