CNAME flattening- getting Error 1000 Prohibited IP error

On free plan and testing CNAME Flattening. I have removed A record and added a CNAME record for the root of and pointed it at target as a test.

When I punch in into the browser I am getting the 1000 error. I am expecting nytimes website to appear. I have tried DNS Only and Proxied and both yield same result in browser (but different results in DNS as expected)

Any ideas?

Do you also own the nytimes site? I’m assuming not so you can’t just point DNS there and expect their site to be served as it won’t be configured to do that.


CNAME flattening allows you to enter a CNAME record, but an IP address is returned instead of a CNAME. That’s it. So to test you can look up and see that an IP is returned, not If your different results is 2 different IP results when :orange: vs. :grey: that’s working as designed.


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