CNAME flattening even though no other CNAME records with the same Name

I really apologize in advance for being very inexperienced with anything related to DNS-settings…

I’m trying to connect my domain to an online course platform (“”).
I’ve exactly followed the setup instructions for connecting a custom domain to teachable (“Teachable Support Link”).

However, when I try to set up the CNAME record for my root domain (Name = @) cloudflare warns: “Another record shares the same name… CNAME flattening applies.”. Which seems weird because I don’t have any other record with the root domain name (except for MX and TXT records).

**However, I’m not worried about the CNAME flattening per se. But for whatever reasons my subdomain isn’t working… only the actual root domain! **
I’m wondering if this is because of the “CNAME flattening”?

I would really appreciate if anyone could point me into the right direction
because I’m absolutely lost here. :pray::pray::pray:

Here’s a screenshot of my DNS settings.
I’ve change my URL to “” for demonstration purposes.

Have you got any A record (@)?

From the above screenshot, both CNAME and CNAME www exist.

Have you tried changing the value for CNAME www from to

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I don’t have any A records (at least not to my knowledge;). All I’ve setup so far is on the screenshot… I’ve contacted “teachable” and now both url’s work (including the subdomain www.).
I’m still confused why the “CNAME flattening” happened… But hey, if it works I’m okay with that;)

Thanks for your help :+1:

Well an @ record will always be flattened because a CNAME at the root isn’t valid, but the www record shares the same value so I imagine it’s just returning the IP when queried instead of treating the root like a CNAME target.


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