CNAME ERROR - 81053 - says it exists, but there is no CNAME in the DNS

Hello - I’ve read all posts regarding this error 81053 - but don’t seem to apply.

I’m trying to add a CNAME Record to the DNS and it’s saying it already exists - but as you can see in the screenshot there is no CNAME record.

I’ve tried everything to get it to load - including setting the CNAME at the original registrar then wait for propagation, then reload the domain to Cloudflare - it simply won’t accept this CNAME.

Please help.

The error actually says an “A”, “AAAA”, or “CNAME” already exists, and it’s true. @ is shorthand for your domain name, and you already have four DNS records for that. And those four records are incorrect, as they point to Cloudflare proxy addresses, which is a circular reference.

You should delete those four records, then you’ll be able to create that CNAME record.


Hello - and THANK YOU very much for the quick reply.

Yes - this solved the issue immediately. I don’t see how an A record conflicts with a CNAME record, but while I’m somewhat familiar with DNS (etc), I’m by no means an expert - and I very much appreciate your help in the matter.

Best regards,

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Not permitted as per RFC:

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