CNAME entry not showing 'live'

I have a CNAME entry listed in the DNS records on Cloudflare, pointing towards “” which just won’t go ‘live’. Squarespace doesn’t see it, all the DNS check websites don’t see it and I have no clue what is wrong. :frowning:

I set it up so that Cloudflare only handles DNS (grey cloud), removed it and double checked it and added it again. Waited for propagation for some time (but new A-records got added very fast and CNAME usually is as well) - but until now no success.

Anybody any idea what could be wrong? Any more info I can give?

What is the domain respectively record in question? This typically is an :orange: issue but you said you made sure it is not proxying.

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Argh. Been trying to get this right all weekend and now it dawns on me.

I had CNAME flattening on - that was supposed to be off. sigh

Enjoy your Monday!

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