CNAME _domainconnect question

I moved the DNS from godaddy to Cloudflare. I see the record: CNAME _domainconnect com). Do i need to keep or update it? Also, what is the best way to set up SPF records? Cheers, Alex


Thank you for asking.

I have them added from IONOS (ex 1and1) from who I also have them, knowing the fact that the domain connect protocol is an open standard that automatically connects one domain and an external website to other website services, I keep them on :grey:

I believe it has to be something when a domain is purchased by them and to some way of easier connect between their services like web hosting, e-mail, etc. they do offer.

I could add that you can safely remove it if you aren’t using their service anymore.

Kindly, I’d suggest you to take a look at my post from below since it contains useful links and tools and references to other two helpful posts with more relevant information:


Hello All!

I have moved DNS control of a client site from “google domains” to CF. In the process, a CNAME used by “google domains” makes no sense to me and I wonder if I need to update the content or delete the record, name: “_domainconnect”. The content is populated with “connect(dot)domains(dot)google(dot)com”. I thank you in advance on your feedback.


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