CNAME domain not showing up

I am trying to make a CNAME domain but it is not showing up and it says I cant make a duplicate when I try to add another. set it to :ngrey: and it isn’t working. Could this be because of a pending domain?

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If your domain still shows pending, the changes you make in Cloudflare will not be visible on the internet because you are still using your previous nameservers. Take a look at this Community Tutorial and let us know if it helps.

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Do i need to have a GoDaddy account?

What for?

the video you linked it recommends completing this step.

Is GoDaddy where your domain is registered?

No, it is on overview

Sorry i meant cloudflare

Can you share your domain name?

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 12.12.01 PM

Your domain is registered with GoDaddy, not Cloudflare.

I see your nameservers set as:

Is that what you see at the bottom of the DNS app in your Cloudflare dashboard?

What CNAME are you expecting to see?

would cloudflare have let me add a website that already exists but isn’t mine??

Of course. Cloudflare verifies your domain ownership by checking the active nameservers to make sure they match the ones assigned in your account.

So do you think I am using someone elses domain? I have never made a Go daddy account.

If you are not the registrant, then, yes, you are attempting to use someone else’s domain. That will not work thanks to the safeguards shown in the article I shared about the story of Cloudflare’s nameservers.

So i am confused, is there no way for me to get a domain through cloudflare?

or do i need to register one on go daddy first?

You can register a domain through Cloudflare, but not by doing what you are doing. You are following the process for using a domain that you already own. If you want to register a new domain you need to start with Cloudlfare Registrar. Domains that are registered using Cloudflare Registrar must use Cloudflare DNS, but that is what you want or you wouldn’t be here, right?


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