CNAME doesn't update

When I config CNAME for my domain, dns checker said that CNAME is not found, while A works. How can I make CNAME works?

I figured it out, by following this tutorial : Cname records doesn't seemt to be updating

I need to switch SSL from full to flexible

You definitely should not, you will make your site insecure and will not have encryption.

It should be Full Strict.

So how can I add CNAME if I switch SSL to full?

Again, it should not be Full but Full Strict.

Also, the DNS record has nothing to do with your SSL settings. Do not make your site insecure.

For starters, switch to Full Strict, then we can check the rest.

And a proxied CNAME record will never be a CNAME record but an A record. You either need to check for that or unproxy it.

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Thanks, it seems Full Strict works

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