CNAME dns "www" doesn't work on my domains

Hello everybody!
I have 6 domains here at Cloudflare, but on all of them the www CNAME record is not working. I don’t know where I’m going wrong, the DNS is like this:

As an example, I can normally access this site through the address, but I cannot access this site through

I really appreciate anyone who can help me.

That is generally a certificate issue on your server, as you do not have a valid certificate for the www host, however, if you proxied the “www” record (:orange:), Cloudflare’s CNAME validator should still accept that.

Just make sure that your encryption mode is Full Strict.

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Your DNS is set up correctly, but your web server is not configured to recognize

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Alternatively, you could handle the redirect on Cloudflare (though that still requires a proxied record)

And if you don’t want to proxy altogether, then you’ll need to update the server certificate to include www as well.

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It worked perfectly, thanks!

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