CNAME DNS Records Not Propagating?

Hi Team,

I have set up a new domain in Cloudflare:
and have set up 2 new Cname records for use with my Podbean hosted Podcast.

The nameservers are right and I copied the config across from an old working setup but when I check DNS Checker:
only the old A record is showing (which I deleted from Cloudflare when setting up the Cname records).

In the past when I have made DNS changes in Cloudflare, they propagated almost immediately but it’s now been more than 24hrs and nothing…

The Cname record TTL’s are set to 1m BTW.




If your CNAME records are set to :orange: they won’t be published as CNAMEs. If you need the records published as CNAMEs, you will need to set them to :grey:.

Thanks, that’s how they’re set in Cloudflare. Still no joy though.

What are the hostnames?

That’s an APEX record. By RFC it is not allowed to have a CNAME record at the APEX. Cloudflare provides CNAME flattening which translates the CNAME to the IP address in order to provide a valid result.

dig +short

Hostname is: ecommerceedge dot net

Hmmm, interesting! This is how I had it setup on another domain that was working previously.

And PodBean’s own how to with CF says to configure it this way too:

So I MUST set them up as ‘A’ Records for it to work then you reckon?

Thanks heaps.

Cloudflare is resolving the CNAME to an A record for you. So from a DNS perspective it is resolving to the ‘right’ place, whether or not that is what is needed in podben’s configuration logic is not something I can answer.

Thanks, makes sense. Am I interpreting these instructions wrong then?

Based on that, my config would appear correct.

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