CNAME DNS Record not found

Hello, I am having an issue with certain DNS records not being published, the following are the types and the names of the records in order of importance:
CNAME autodiscover,
CNAME lyncdiscoer,
SRV _sip._tls
Any assistance or guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
I have attached a screenshot of what I mean using a third-party tool.
Again thanks a lot!

The domain name is

Hi @floresomar114,

You probably have the records set to :orange: so you see A records to Cloudflare IPs instead. Switch those to :grey: and you should see the CNAME (except the root domain, which cannot be a CNAME).

It looks like you are checking for eht root domain, which is proxied so shows Cloudflare IPs instead.

These both show the CNAME for be (assuming the second should be discover not discoer).

Thanks a lot for the reply!
I have set several of the CNAME records to DNS only but the problem persists, would sharing a screenshot of the DNS records be helpful? Is that a compromising thing to do?

No problem!

What is the problem? Is there a service that isn’t working or just that the records aren’t showing up where you expect?

It would be helpful for an example record or two where you are seeing the issue. It’s generally OK, but feel free to blank out any sensitive info like IP addresses.

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Sorry I’m still pretty new to all of this, I appreciate the support!

The CNAME DNS record continues to not be found, and it’s preventing access to the outlook email via phone.

These are the records as of now

Which record is it that’s not showing up and is causing the issue?

It is these ones that are not being published,
CNAME autodiscover
CNAME lyncdiscover


They all look OK to me and appear to return the correct values.

$ dig CNAME +short
$ dig CNAME +short
$ dig CNAME +short

I’m not sure why they are not showing up there, have you only recently changed them? If so, it may take a few minutes for Microsoft to get the new values and confirm them.

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In the first screenshot @floresomar114 was looking for a CNAME at the root. While Cloudflare allows you to input such a record at the root, they will always “flatten” it to an A record, as CNAME records cannot be at the root. (It is a limitation of the DNS protocol).

There are several tools on the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer that you can use to diagnose various Office 365 issues.

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Yeah I just recently changed them, perhaps it’ll just take a few minutes to get updated on Microsofts end of things

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Oh my, that is a great catch! Thank you, you are right I was looking at the root, after fixing the search this is what turns up!

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