CNAME DNS record needed for iCloud+ email is not seen by others


I’d like to switch from Gmail to iCloud+ for my custom domain, . I followed Apple’s tutorial and created the necessary DNS records on Cloudflare.

One of the required records is a CNAME, called a DKIM record, which I’ve also created:

I did this yesterday afternoon (so about ~24 hours ago), and when I check if the record has been created on, it’s still not there.

(Apple’s servers also don’t see the record; when trying to finish the setup I’m told the DKIM record is missing.)

Could you please advise on what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you so much,

The record needs to be DNS Only :grey: rather than Proxied :orange:

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That worked; thank you so much! (I was quite certain I’d tried this before writing but it seems I didn’t :blush: )


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