Cname directions to old webpage, despite redirect to new page

The issue.

I previously had create as a cname in Cloudflare, with a redirect to another site, with the page rule for this redirect set at number 1.

I have over the past few months, tried to change this redirect, to no luck. The website the redirect points to is now completely different, and there are no other page rules for, however it still redirects to this old site for some reason.

I have removed the cname, removed the page rule, and recreated both.
When I remove the cname, the I’m unable to reach the site, but when I add it back, it redirects to this old website again.

The cname is proxied through cloud flare.


I bet the old host added your domain to their Cloudflare account and needs to remove it completely from their Cloudflare integration.

Who’s the host?

Thanks for the reply.

The website was redirected to a website. It’s possible for them to have my domain added to their cloudflare somehow?

Quite possible. Jobboard uses Cloudflare, so it’s highly likely that they’re the reason you CNAME still goes to their hosting. You would have to contact them and ask them to completely remove your domain from any Cloudflare configuration of theirs.

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