Cname Cross User Banned

Hi Team,
I have face CName Cross User Banned 1014 issue since last few days. I read all the post and Cloudflare in error. There is no satisfactory answer.
I am using Cloudflare since 4year. But I never face CNAME Cross User Banned 1014 issue.
Please help me, It is urgent basis.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

According to the relevant Cloudflare support documentation you will see this message when you point a CNAME at a record in another Cloudflare account.

What service are trying to use?

same Cloudflare account

Can you share the domain name and the hostnames that you are working with when you encounter the error?

If you put the names between backticks (`), it will format them as </> Preformatted text instead of trying to turn them into links.

Thanks. Both of those load a page that says What action are you taking that is displaying the error?

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Have you tried looking up the Ray ID in your Cloudflare log?

Are you certain that and are not in two different primary Cloudflare accounts? It is possible to see them both from one account via shared access, even if they are actually in separate accounts.

You may need to look into using Cloudflare for SaaS to accomplish your goal.

I even tried on same account. It’s shows cname cross banned error code. 1014

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